Ambient Polaritonics

An international research partnership of state-of-the-art experimental laboratories and theoretical groups between the University of Cambridge, MIT-Skoltech, and the University of Southampton.

Organic Polaritonics

Circumventing the challenges of epitaxial growth, polariton condensates are also realised in soft-matter organic microcavities. In collaboration with IBM and the University of Sheffield we are investigating the potential of organic microcavities in sustaining polariton condensation at ambient condition and the application of organic polariton condensates for imprinting polariton lattices, a promising platform for quantum simulators, and as optical amplifiers.

Key researchers:

Dr Denis Sanikov, Dr Anton Zasedatelev, Dr Timur Yagafarov, Tamsin Cookson

Hybrid Polaritonics

Organic materials exhibit exceptional room temperature light emitting characteristics and enormous exciton oscillator strength, however, their low charge carrier mobility prevent their use in high-performance applications such as electrically pumped lasers. In this context, ultralow threshold polariton lasers, whose operation relies on Bose-Einstein condensation of polaritons – part-light part-matter quasiparticles, are highly advantageous since the requirement for high carrier injection no longer holds. Polariton lasers have been successfully implemented using inorganic materials owing to their excellent electrical properties, however, in most cases their relatively small exciton binding energies limit their operation temperature. Here we explore combining organic and inorganic semiconductors in a hybrid microcavity, and exploit resonant interactions between these materials that could permit to dramatically enhance optical nonlinearities and operation temperature. Our investigations pave the way towards realization of hybrid organic-inorganic microcavities that utilise the organic component for sustaining high temperature polariton condensation and efficient electrical injection through inorganic structure.

Title: "Observation of second order meron polarisation textures in optical microcavities"

Authors: M. Król, H. Sigurdsson, K. Rechcińska, P. Oliwa, K. Tyszka, W. Bardyszewski, A. Opala, M. Matuszewski, P. Morawiak, R. Mazur, W. Piecek, P. Kula, B. Piętka, J. Szczytko , and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "Nano-second exciton-polariton lasing in organic microcavities"

Authors: A. Putintsev, A. Zasedatelev, K. McGhee, T. Cookson, K. Georgiou, D. Sannikov, D. Lidzey, and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "Photonic Berry curvature in double liquid crystal microcavities with broken inversion symmetry"

Authors: P. Kokhanchik, H. Sigurdsson, B. Piętka, J. Szczytko, and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "Excitonic Fine Structure in Emission of Linear Carbon Chains"

Authors: S. Kutrovskaya, A. Osipov, S. Baryshev, A. Zasedatelev, V. Samyshkin, S. Demirchyan, O. Pulci, D. Grassano, L. Gontrani, R. Hartmann, M. Portnoi, A. Kucherik, P. Lagoudakis, and A. Kavokin

Title: "Exciton energy spectra in polyyne chains"

Authors: S. Kutrovskaya, S. Demirchyan, A. Osipov, S. Baryshev, A. Zasedatelev, A. Kavokin, and P. G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Organic single-photon switch"

Authors: A. Zasedatelev, A. Baranikov, D. Sannikov, D. Urbonas, F. Scafirimuto, V. Shishkov, E.Andrianov, Y. Lozovik, U. Scherf, T. Stöferle, R. Mahrt, and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "All-optical cascadable universal logic gate with sub-picosecond operation"

Authors: A. Baranikov, A. Zasedatelev, D. Urbonas, F. Scafirimuto, U. Scherf, T. Stöferle, R. Mahrt, and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "Mechanisms of blueshifts in organic polariton condensates"

Authors: T. Yagafarov, D. Sannikov, A. Zasedatelev, K. Georgiou, A. Baranikov, O. Kyriienko, I. Shelykh, L. Gai, Z. Shen, D. Lidzey, and P. Lagoudakis

Title: "Engineering spin-orbit synthetic Hamiltonians in liquid-crystal optical cavities"

Authors: K. Rechcińska, M. Król, R. Mazur, P. Morawiak, R. Mirek, K. Łempicka, W. Bardyszewski, M. Matuszewski, P. Kula, W. Piecek, P. G. Lagoudakis, B. Piętka, and J. Szczytko

Title: "A room-temperature organic polariton transistor"

Authors: A. V. Zasedatelev, A. V. Baranikov, D. Urbonas, F. Scafirimuto, U. Scherf, T. Stöferle, R. F. Mahrt, and P. G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Room Temperature Broadband Polariton Lasing from a Dye‐Filled Microcavity"

Authors: D. Sannikov, T. Yagafarov, K. Georgiou, A. Zasedatelev, A. Baranikov, L. Gai, Z. Shen, D. Lidzey, and P. G. Lagoudakis

Title: 'Tunable optical spin Hall effect in a liquid crystal microcavity"

Authors: K. Lekenta, M. Król, Rafał Mirek, K. Łempicka, D. Stephan, R. Mazur, P. Morawiak, P. Kula, W. Piecek, P. G. Lagoudakis, B. Piętka, and J. Szczytko

Title: "Collective Optomechanical Effects in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics"

Authors: E. Cortese, P.G. Lagoudakis, and S. De Liberato

Title: "Hybrid organic-inorganic polariton laser"

Authors: G.G. Paschos, N. Somaschi, S.I. Tsintzos, D. Coles, J.L. Bricks, Z. Hatzopoulos, D.G. Lidzey, P.G. Lagoudakis, and P.G. Savvidis

Title: "A yellow polariton condensate in a dye filled microcavity"

Authors: T. Cookson, K. Georgiou, A. Zasedatelev, R.T. Grant, T. Virgili, M. Cavazzini, F.Galeotti, C. Clark, N.G. Berloff, D.G. Lidzey, and P.G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Exciton-mediated superconductivity"

Authors: A. Kavokin, and P.G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Polariton-mediated energy transfer between organic dyes in a strongly coupled optical microcavity"

Author(s): D.M. Coles, N. Somaschi, P. Michetti, C. Clark, P.G. Lagoudakis, P.G. Savvidis, and D.G. Lidzey

Title: "Polariton condensates: Going soft"

Author(s): P.G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Imaging the polariton relaxation bottleneck in strongly coupled organic semiconductor microcavities"

Author(s): D.M. Coles, R.T. Grant, D.G. Lidzey, C. Clark, and P.G. Lagoudakis

Title: "Characterizing the Electroluminescence Emission from a Strongly Coupled Organic Semiconductor Microcavity LED"

Author(s): N. Christogiannis, N. Somaschi, P. Michetti, D.M. Coles, P.G. Savvidis, P.G. Lagoudakis, and D.G. Lidzey

Title: "Ultrafast polariton population build-up mediated by molecular phonons in organic microcavities"

Author(s): N. Somaschi, L. Mouchliadis, D. Coles, I.E. Perakis, D.G. Lidzey, P.G. Lagoudakis, and P.G. Savvidis